#TEDDI41 FEBRUARY 17-18, 2023 (8PM-8PM)

How You Can Help

  1. Monetary Donations – you can donate one of two ways:
    1. Make an online donation towards our donation page from the ‘Donate’ button above.
    2. Check
      1. Make check payable to:
        St. John Fisher College attn. Teddi Dance for Love
      2. Send check to:
        Chris Keyes
        St. John Fisher College
        3690 East Ave.
        Rochester, NY 14618
  2. Business Connections – Since we are not in-person, our Online Raffle is going to be one of our biggest sources of income this year. Many of our Online Raffle prizes are going to be things you cannot buy in a store- Cooking Classes with the Dining Staff, etc. However, we are looking for some big items for our Raffle. Be creative, any item helps!
  3. Inspirational Assistance – If you would like to send in a video encouraging the dancers or wishing us luck in the Teddi Dance for Love, we would gratefully accept. If you know of any well-known influencers in the community, or even outside of the Rochester Community reach that would be willing to make a video to inspire our dancers to keep on going and would also help spread the word of Teddi, we would greatly appreciate the connection. Please send all videos to our Outreach captains Alexandra Klimek at ank05177@sjfc.edu and Jake Provenzano at jcp06192@sjfc.edu