#TEDDI41 FEBRUARY 17-18, 2023 (8PM-8PM)

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Special Events

The Special Events Committee plans several events throughout the year to raise money for Teddi outside of the dance. These events include; The Teddi Trot 5k and Fun Run, Trick Shots for Teddi, and Get Reddi for Teddi.

Captains: Anthony Lee and Vic Kothor

Teddi 33 Special Events Committee


The Chair is the person who has overall responsibility for every fundraiser throughout the year, and ultimately everything that makes up annual dance. They are responsible for leading the captains, committee, and Vice-Chair.

The Chair for the 33rd Annual Teddi Dance for Love is Olivia Gosdeck!



Registration gets students, faculty, staff, and community members signed up for the dance. They manage all registration operations throughout the year and at the dance. The registration committee helps all the dancers to sign in at the dance and gives each dancer their free T-shirt. If you would like to register, please visit the registration form page.

 Captains: Kenzie Allington and Lindsey Netto


The Programming Committee is responsible for selling advertisements in the program to dancers, family, friends, and companies and then organizes and produces the Teddi Program. This committee contacts and organizes all of the DJ’s, bands, entertainers, and speakers for the Teddi Dance.

Captains: Sarah Pritchard and Sarah Ziolkowski

Teddi 32 Registration Committee



The Networking Committee’s primary responsibility is to connect with faculty and staff on campus. They lead the Faculty and Staff Team (FAST Team) meetings who help with the task of involving Fisher faculty at the dance. They manage events like the Change Jar Wars, and Battle of the Schools throughout the year.

Captains: Devon Donatello and Paige Buzzetti

Beautiful Lengths

The Beautiful Lengths Committee collects hair donations to be donated to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, an initiative started by Pantene which provides wigs to women battling cancer free of charge. Last year, the BL committee collected more than 2,000 inches of hair to be donated. The minimum donation length is 8 inches. If you are interested in donating your hair, please visit the donor registration form. If you are a salon interested in providing haircuts to dancers at the dance please visit the salon information page.

Captains: Drianna Cardarelli and Taylor Klossner

Teddi 32 Beautiful Lengths Committee
Teddi 32 Beautiful Lengths Committee



The Internal committee is in charge of all on-campus advertising and publicity of events. Signs, banners, posters, and other forms of communication are used to inform resident students, faculty and staff about upcoming events. They also lead the committee in making new decorations for the dance every year! If your club, school, or office would like to send us a poster for the dance we would be happy to put it up at this year’s dance!

Captains: Melanie Burke and Alexis Snyder

Teddi 32 Internal Committee


Helping Hands

Our main goal is to recruit volunteers for the dance. We also help out other committees with making the best dance yet! If you are interested in volunteering at the dance, please visit the volunteer registration form.

Captains: Bryanna Lyke and Melanie Burke

Helping Hands
Teddi 32 Helping Hands Committee


This committee counts, wraps, and deposits all forms of monetary income from the Teddi Dance and other fundraisers throughout the year. They provide updates to the committee about the financial state of the committee and answer any related questions. They are also responsible for organizing the big reveal of how much was raised at the dance with the campers!

Captains: Cindy Coons and Michelle Jennejohn


External tasks include off-campus publicity, including contacting local radio and television stations, newspapers, as well as local high schools, colleges, and community members. They send out informative letters to inform and encourage the community to take part in this amazing event.

Captains: Alexis Verone and Gina Godlewski


This committee approaches businesses and organizations to offer corporate sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming Teddi Dance for Love through mailings, phone calls, and personal meetings. They also collect and organize items for the silent auction held at the dance. Different levels of giving are available for all types of companies. If your company is interested in sponsoring or donating items to this year’s dance, please contact us at teddi@sjfc.edu.

Captains: McKayla Johnson and Jillian Branciforte

Teddi 32 Development Committee

Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair is chosen through an application at the end of one’s sophomore year. This person is always a junior who will continue with Teddi into his/her senior year, and will become Chair. The Vice-Chair is considered to be “Chair-in-Training”.

This year’s Vice Chair is Bri Macaluso.



The Alumni committee works with past committee members and dance participants to bring them back to this year’s dance and make sure we keep up with all of the great traditions like the Teddi Line Dance, the Hand Jive, and Inspirations. They are responsible for contacting alumni through emails, mailings and phone calls to invite them to the Teddi Dance and other fundraisers. If you are an Alum and would like to be on our mailing list, please e-mail us at teddi@sjfc.edu!

Captains: Jenna Curtis and Jenna Joensen

Teddi 32 Alumni Committee