#TEDDI41 FEBRUARY 17-18, 2023 (8PM-8PM)

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#Teddi41 Dedication

#Teddi41 Dedication

Tilahun “T” Belete Gushish

Tilahun Belete Gushish

Teddi 41 is dedicated to Tilahun “T” Belete Gushish, a beloved member of the Camp Good Days family. T was incredibly passionate and caring and was able to light up even the darkest rooms with laughter. He first came to Camp Good Days as a camper and continued to return as a volunteer and staff member. In his 20 years of life, T made a profound impact on not only Camp, but on everyone who was lucky enough to know him. We were able to have T join us as one of our inspirations at a committee meeting earlier this year, and got to experience first-hand his positive attitude and passion for life. T was someone who truly embodied the Camp Good Days spirit, and he will truly be missed. We keep him in our thoughts as we dance for Teddi 41.