#TEDDI41 FEBRUARY 17-18, 2023 (8PM-8PM)


Latest Past Events

Kick -Or -Treat

Teddi 41 is happy to announce that we will be hosting our annual Kick- Or- Treat kickball tournament on Sunday, October 23. This event will be held at Growney Stadium from 3pm - 7 pm. Teams should be created before hand composing of 9 - 11 individuals, 3 of which must be girls. It will…

Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

Blaze Pizza in Henrietta is hosting Teddi Dance for Love on Tuesday, October 18. This fundraiser will run from 4pm - 7pm. To support Teddi Dance for Love, just mention "Teddi" at checkout and 20% of your purchase will go towards Teddi! Thank you for your continued support.

LexiandLu Bracelet Fundraiser

We are having a Bracelet Fundraiser from LexiandLu on Etsy! Click the link to take you to the website to find all different designs you can order. Every bracelet ordered give $5 towards Teddi!