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Madison Kait Barthelmes

Madison Kait Barthelmes

Madison Kait Barthelmes, the loving, funny, heart-of-gold daughter of John and Kaitlyn Barthelmes passed away on February 14, 2023 after a year-long fight with Leukemia. She was born April 16, 2016 and lived in Fairport with her parents, three year old brother Jackson, and Grandparents Jim and Peggy Zorn – who all miss her dearly.

Madison loved to sing and dance, and could often be found dancing with her nurses, doctors and even other patients at Golisano Children’s Hospital during her year long treatment stay. She had special moments and activities with every person she connected with. With Grandpa they would learn magic. Grandma and Maddie were always sewing, baking and singing “Puff the Magic Dragon”. She would play and watch funny cat videos with her brother Jackson and was the best big sister teaching him everything she knew (and would often be found cuddling). She was a big fan of the Harry Potter and Twilight movies and would help her Papa tell “Harry Maddie” bedtime stories that always placed her in the center of the action. They also regularly played Barbies with long extravagant story lines. She enjoyed watching YouTube videos and has made many dance and challenge videos with her Mama in the hopes of becoming famous. Mama was also the one she cuddled with and shared her deepest secrets with.

Her favorite colors would change regularly and most recently settled on teal and black. Maddie wanted to grow up to be a hair dresser, makeup artist, song-writer, YouTube star, scientist and nurse. She had a love for animals. She wanted another kitten, a husky puppy, a sugar glider, and a monkey.

Madison was a bright light in this world and would have no problem sharing her positive attitude with anyone close by. She saw the best in everyone, even when those around her couldn’t. She taught us to realize that other people’s problems are bigger than our own. Throughout the past year of chemotherapy treatments, tests, pokes and prods she was always smiling and would say she was “good” with 2 thumbs up. Her attitude amazed her entire medical team and many would often say “She doesn’t even look sick” despite everything she was going through. She was adored by all her friends at Spotlight Studios and Dudley Elementary and family members far and wide. Madison had a will to live like no other. Even after 322 nights sleeping in the hospital, she still wanted to stay there for more treatment to get better so she could go on her epic trip she planned which includes: “Great Wolf Lodge, New York City, Chautauqua, Disney, Great Wolf Lodge, London, back to Great Wolf Lodge for a month”.

Madison, in the eyes of her friends and family, will forever be that cheerful 6 year old. The perfect angel. Someone who would treat everyone like a best friend, even if they just met. She will be forever missed.