#TEDDI40 FEBRUARY 18-19, 2022 (8PM-8PM)

Tomorrow night at 8PM begins the 40th annual Teddi Dance For Love Event at St. John Fisher College. We are so excited to see everyone in person this year and we want to wish all the dancers good luck!💙❤️🧡 #teddi40 ...

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November 10 marks 100 days until the 40th Annual Teddi Dance for Love at St. John Fisher College. This year’s theme is ‘Teddi 40: What’s Your Story,’ a theme that will encompass the stories from previous campers, current campers, Camp Good Days, and Special Times camp volunteers, and stories from the Fisher community. 

There will be a campus-wide celebration to kick off the countdown until Teddi 40 on November 10. Events include free haircuts, 11 hours of Instagram Challenges, and a 100 days Teddi meeting with Gary Mervis, the founder of Camp Good Days and Special Times, and President Rooney. 

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The blessing of the feet!!! #teddi40 ...

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“It was an absolutely amazing experience and sight to see, the goodness that can come throughout these tough times in the Fisher community”: St. John Fisher College held the 39th Annual Teddi Dance for Love and raised $123,641.94. Click the link in our bio to find out exactly how a virtual Teddi worked. 🐻💜 Story by staff-writer madison.weber36 #woahteddi#teddidanceforlove#sjfc#fisher#cardinalcourier#campgooddays#fishernews ...

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Good luck and enjoy to everyone participating in this years 37th Teddi Dance for Love! The library supported you back in 2013, and we are supporting you today! #flashbackfriday #teddidance #woahteddi #laverylibrary #fisherfamily ...

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8:00-8:30 Opening Ceremonies
8:30-9:00 Jazzercise with Priche Smith
9:00-9:30 Feelin’ Good
9:30-9:45 MC Wedding
9:45-9:55 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
9:55-10:40 Justin’s Hour
10:40-11:00 Performance–Dance Club
11:00-12:00 Cardinal Hour — DJ Jack Laino
12:00-12:30 Girl Band Hour
12:00-12:30 Midnight Pizza
12:30-12:35 Run-In
12:35-12:45 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
12:45-1:40 90s/2000s Hour
1:40-2:00 Performance–Irish Dance
2:00-2:30 Breakup hour
2:30-3:00 “Make Your Mess” DIY Ice Cream Sundaes
2:30-3:00 Diva hour
3:00-3:10 Teach Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
3:10-3:55 Taylor Swift
3:55-4:25 Lip Sync Performances
4:25-5:00 High School Musical hour
5:00-5:30 Top 40s Hour
5:30-5:40 Teach Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
5:40-6:10 Boy Band Hour
6:10-6:40 Nickelodeon Hour
6:10-6:40 Breakfast – in dining hall (Balsam’s Bagels)
6:40-7:00 Musical Hour
7:00-7:55 Disney Channel Throwback
8:00-10:00 Unleashed Nutrition Teas for Sale
7:55-8:00 Performance–Fisher Cheer
8:00-8:05 Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer (halfway mark)
8:05-8:15 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
8:15-9:05 Pop2k
9:05-9:50 One Direction Hour
9:50-10:35 Country Hour
10:35-11:15 80’s Classics
11:15-11:45 Lunch (Moe’s Chips and Queso, Cookies from GET CAKED in dance, Lunch in Dining Hall)
11:45-11:50 Run-In
11:50-12:00 Teach Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
12:00-12:20 Performance–BSU
12:20-1:05 Karaoke Hour
1:05-1:35 Latin Hour (sponsored by LSU)
1:35-2:20 Alumni Hour
2:20-3:05 Teddi 39 Hour
3:00-6:00 Kids Carnival (Cookies from Get Caked)
4:00-8:00 Kids of Camp Good Days run in (kids will arrive at 3:30)
3:05-3:35 Performance–DJ MotMot Hour (Dr. Cunningham)
3:35-3:45 Hair Reveal with E&C
3:45-3:55 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
3:55-4:35 Disney Classics
4:35-5:05 Dinner (Fisher Dining in Dining Hall)
5:05-5:10 Final Run-In (faculty and staff)
5:10-5:35 Performance–Drastic Measures
5:35-6:20 Camp songs with counselors
6:20-6:55 Just Dance hour/Group Dance
6:55-7:00 Teach Teddi Line Dance
7:00-7:25 Dedication & Balloon Launch
7:25-8:00 Committee Hour
8:00-8:30 Closing Ceremonies

Teddi 40 Raised $127,043.22 for Camp Good Days and Special Times!!

#Teddi38 Dedication

#Teddi38 Dedication

Thoughts of Remembrance of Bat McGrath – By Gary Mervis I really didn’t know Bat until some of our volunteers had an idea to have a concert featuring some music artists who got their start here in Upstate New York. Bat was one of the first people who was asked and agreed to do it.… Continue Reading

#Teddi37 Dedication

#Teddi37 Dedication

Thoughts of Remembrance of our Daughter, Sister, Friend, and Colleague, Alissa Mari Cole Thank you for joining us here today to honor Alissa. Alissa loved the life she lived here at home in Rochester and in Fredonia. She was able to touch many lives in many different ways, in such a short amount of time.… Continue Reading

#Teddi36 Dedicaton – Kenny Bremer

#Teddi36 Dedicaton – Kenny Bremer

Kenneth (Kenny) Bremer Dates of Life: 12/18/1981 – 6/27/2017 Kenneth (Ken/Kenny) Bremer began as a camper at Camp Good Days & Special Times when the camp resided on Canandaigua Lake. Ken often said that camp was the only place he could truly be himself. He enjoyed participating in the various camp activities such as fishing… Continue Reading

#Teddi32 Dedication

February 21, 2014 – This year’s event is dedicated to the memory of Sam Parker, a young camper who lost his battle on November 27, 2013, after fighting the disease for six years. Parker is no stranger to Fisher, as he served as an honorary coach in the 2010 Courage Bowl. His parents, Heather and… Continue Reading